Col. GORDON D. GRANT, (Retired) President O.M.M., C.D., PLog, MSc, BA

Gordon GrantIf you don't think you have a problem - then you don't need OSONS Solutions. We work best with companies and executives who want an honest, unvarnished and open exploration of their confirmed or potential problems. There are many companies who offer "feel good" lectures and presentations - we aren't one of them. We get excited when someone thinks we can add value to their corporate efforts. I offer this advice - do a gut check. If you are comfortable with your corporate plans, your staff's knowledge and your corporate focus - then you are probably fine. But, if you "just don't feel right" about the path your corporation has charted - perhaps it's a due diligence issue or the state of your corporate plans - we may be of help. That is one reason we offer Bounce Sessions - a quick, confidential discussion about your concerns and some arms length (and unemotional) advice on how to proceed. While we have employed this service with larger companies, it has proved particularly helpful for small businesses just starting out.

Credentials - We Got 'Em!

Consultants should have proof of expertise and training. This is ours. Gord brings a breadth of experience in international logistics, strategic and emergency planning, training and professional development. He has a BA in Economics from Queen's University at Kingston and a Masters in Science (Industrial Resource Management) from the prestigious Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) in Washington, D.C. - where he earned the award for Distinguished Graduate. He also completed the requirements for the Professional Logistics Institute and the Queen's Executive Program in Strategic Planning. Recently, he was awarded the Order of Military Merit from the Governor General of Canada.

Boot Camp Life Skills!

People think of Army boot camp as a place with drill instructors running candidates ragged. Nothing could be further from the truth. From Gord's early days on basic training, he was taught concurrent activity, planning, resource management, human motivation and commitment - commitment to others. He also learned that everyone seeks challenges, for some it is latent, for others it is more overt. The best companies tap into those wells of doubt and build confidence in their people - it pays inestimable dividends. In the military, Gord got to jump out of planes, compete in the Dutch Commando parachute course, command forces in the Balkans, advise the Minister and Cabinet on post 911 security issues and develop innovative reforms for recruitment and professional development. He saw the very best and the very worst in people - in both the military and Corporate Canada. He and his staff offer these experiences to those who are interested in leveraging them.